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The Book of Lost Things

Were you enchanted by fairy tales as a kid or did they leave you with dread thinking of all those evil kings and queens? Have you ever wondered how the "happily ever after" unfolded after the story ended? Ever thought of alternative endings to all those popular bedtime stories we've been told as children? 

"The Book Of Lost Things" by John Connolly is something like that ... only spookier! To be precise, it was unnerving and rather creepy. The story is about 12 year old David who, after his mother's death and his father's remarriage, begins to hear books whispering and has panic attacks combined with visions of a strange land.

As the whisperings and the visions persist, David gets out of bed one night following his mother's voice calling to him from the "sunken garden". As he is contemplating whether to follow the voice inside or not, a German bomber crashes into the garden (the story takes place during the WWII in London) and to avoid it he finds solace in a crack of the garden wall. But that's not the only thing he finds... 

Wolves and loups (wolves that transform into humans), an enchanted forest, trolls, harpies, the woodsman from Little Red Riding Hood, the seven dwarfs who are desperately trying to get rid of Snow White (who is an obese, cruel bitch), Roland who is in search of the Dark Tower and the wickedest creature in the kingdom: the crooked man aka Rumpelstiltskin!

Will David find his way home or will he choose a more "mythical" life? Will the dwarfs find someone to marry the insatiable Snow White and get her off their backs?  

Have a magical day! 

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Akougetai poli wraio, kai mou thimizei ligo ti seira Once upon a time pou vlepw, alla se pio dark ekdosi...

Mou to eipe k mia filh mou ayto! Oti einai se ayto to pneuma... alla to vivlio einai ontws poly skoteino... den to les me tpt xaroumeno k analafro pera apo to story ths xionatis pou htan ksekardistiko! 

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