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Daughter Of Smoke & Bone

Title : Daughter of smoke and bone
Author : Laini Taylor
Year of publication : 2011
Published by : Hachette Book Group
Genre : Fantasy / Romance / Young Adult

What's it about : Karou is a 17-year-old art student in Prague and besides attending classes, spending time with her best friend Zuzana and evading her former boyfriend Kazimir, she also collects teeth. No, it's not a perverse hobby of hers; Karou works at an out-of-this-world workshop owned by Brimstone and she exchanges the teeth for wishes. The "out-of-this-world" was literal since Brimstone is a chimaera and the workshop is a portal between our world and theirs. When Karou goes to Morocco in one of her teeth expeditions, something goes wrong. Terribly wrong...

Key characters :
a) Karou - A talented art student currently living in Prague. She was raised by chimaera and Brimstone is like a father to her. She loves to draw, has naturally blue hair and various tattoos. 
b) Akiva - A seraphim soldier on a mission to destroy all the portals linking our world to the one occupied by chimaera and seraphs. Instantly drawn to Karou, he decides to find out more about her. 

c) Zuzana - Karou's best friend is a petite, feisty girl who's attending the same art school as her. She is studying puppetry and doesn't have a clue about Karou's double life. 
d) Brimstone - A father figure to Karou who raised her from infancy. He's beastlike (human & animal attributes), a man of few words and a protective force around Karou. His workshop is used as a portal to various places all over the world.  

What was it like : Some of you might cringe when it comes to YA literature -myself included- but this one was unexpectedly gooood! Vivid descriptions, fast-paced action and a captivating romance. It gets my 4 / 5 ★

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