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The Bone Season

Title : The Bone Season
Author : Samantha Shannon
Year of publication : 2013
Published by : Bloomsbury Publishing
Genre : Fiction / Fantasy / Young Adult / Dystopian

What's it about : Set in 2059, where clairvoyance is illegal and many of the world's major cities are under the control of Scion (established to protect "regular humans"), 19-year-old Paige Mahoney is a powerful dreamwalker working for an underground criminal organization called the Seven Seals. When she is tracked down and arrested, she finds out that Scion is just a means to an end : the voyants captured are offered to an otherworldly race, the Rephaim, as soldiers to their army. Once Paige is assigned to Warden - one of the most powerful Rephs - as his student, things are bound to get messy... 

Key characters :

a) Paige - A rare type of voyant who is still developing her gift. She is strong, intelligent, caring and courageous. She loathes Nashira Sargas and is determined to escape the Rephaim camp.
b) Warden - Paige's Rephaite keeper. He is betrothed to Nashira Sargas, one of the Rephaim leaders. Even though he is Paige's master, he treats her gently and tries to shield her from any possible harm. 
c) Jaxon Hall - The leader of the Seven Seals underground gang and Paige's employer. A very powerful mime-lord who constantly urges Paige to explore her gift. 

What was it like : A bit confusing at first because you're getting slammed with various info about Scion and clairvoyance and so on but you get over it since the story is quite gripping. The characters are nicely developed and the book's heroine is just as she should be. It gets my 3,5 / 5 ★

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