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Aping around

"A clawing heat settles over the Keys by mid-July. The game fish swim to deeper waters, the pelicans laze in the mangroves and only the hardiest of tourists remain outdoors past the lunch hour."
Carl Hiaasen, Bad Monkey

Last week I thought summer was behind us with all the wind and the rain that we were having but I was pleasantly surprised by September's mood swings. It's been a super sunny and gloriously hot week and I grabbed the opportunity to go swimming. 

It may not be the Florida Keys or Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama but it was fantastic and the water was crystal clear! No severed hands, no bad monkeys, no voodoo queens. Just us monkeying around...
Have a great weekend! 

Bermuda shorts : vintage
Bikini : Tally Weijl
Sunglasses : DG  
Watch : Swatch

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