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The Blazing World

"All thoughts of revenge are born of the pain of helplessness. 'I suffer' becomes 'You will suffer'. And let us not lie: Vengeance is invigorating. It focuses and enlivens us, and it quashes grief because it turns the emotion outward. In grief we go to pieces. In revenge we come together as a single pointed weapon aimed at a target. However destructive in the long run, it serves a useful purpose for a time."

The Blazing World by Siri Hustvedt (paperback by Sceptre Books) tells the story of a fictional artist called Harriet Burden. Harriet spends a life in anonymity because of her marriage to a famous art dealer but after his death she decides to make the art world notice her talent. The plan is to find three male artists to be her "masks" by presenting her art as their own. All three solo shows are successful but, as is usually the case, her big reveal does not go as planned.

Should you want to find out more about this book, here's the video where I talk about it:

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Pants : United Colors of Benetton 
Blouse : JC de Castelbajac
Loafers : Dolce Moda
Ring : Vintage 

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