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Wide Sargasso Sea

"I hated the mountains and the hills, the rivers and the rain. I hated the sunsets of whatever colour, I hated its beauty and its magic and the secret I would never know. I hated its indifference and the cruelty which was part of its loveliness. Above all I hated her. For she belonged to the magic and the loveliness. She had left me thirsty and all my life would be thirst and longing for what I had lost before I found it."

Wide Sargasso Sea (paperback by Penguin Books) was written by Jean Rhys as a "prequel" to Charlotte Brontë's "Jane Eyre" and tells the story of Antoinette Cosway aka Mr. Rochester's crazy-locked-up-in-the-attic-wife famously known as Bertha. What happened between them? Is she really crazy? Is Mr. Rochester all he claims to be?

Should you want to find out more about this book, here's the video where I talk about it:

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Nightgown : Vintage (1930's) 

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