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Aping around

A clawing heat settles over the Keys by mid-July. The game fish swim to deeper waters, the pelicans laze in the mangroves and only the hardiest of... 


It’s been a while… I’ve had a rather scary week… but scary weeks make you want to get the best of the weeks to come, right?


Όλα τα είχε το σαββατοκύριακο : φίλους, παιδάκια, παραλίες, malibu ανανά, ζέστη, αέρα, φωτιές, εκλογές...
It was a rather full weekend! Friends, their kids, swimming, sunbathing, malibu pineapple drinks, unbearable heat, strong winds, fires, elections...

white dress

Cute but deadly

Ελπίζω να απολαύσατε το 3ημερο και να κάνατε τις πρώτες βουτιές... εγώ έκανα ένα μαυρισματάκι/καψιματάκι καταπληκτικό!
I really hope you enjoyed your long weekend and the first swim in the sea... I managed to get a tan/burn (as if I wouldn't get burnt!)



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