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A Monster Calls

The story centers around 13-year-old Conor O' Malley who is struggling with his mom's battle with cancer and a recurring nightmare...

Pretty basic

Ένα τζιν σορτσάκι, ένα t-shirt και πλατφόρμες. Απλά πράγματα. Για βόλτα το πρωί, το απόγευμα και για ένα χαλαρό ποτάκι νωρίς.
A pair of denim shorts, a t-shirt and platforms. Pretty basic stuff. Ideal for morning strolls or afternoon ones that may easily end up to early drinks or cocktails.


Hello July!

Στο “Off the wall” ο MJ έλεγε "leave that nine-to-five upon the shelf / and just enjoy yourself"... Κάπως έτσι πέρασε το σαββατοκύριακο!
In one of my favorite MJ songs, Off the wall, the lyrics go "leave that nine-to-five upon the shelf / and just enjoy yourself"... That's exactly what I did this weekend!


Much needed sunshine

Ξεκινά η εβδομάδα με μια από τις μεγαλύτερες ονομαστικές εορτές: όλοι έχουν κάποιον που γιορτάζει σήμερα! Αν αποφασίσετε να βγείτε έξω, μην ξεχάσετε να πάρετε μπουφάν (που λένε και οι μαμάδες)
The week begins with one of the biggest Greek name days: everyone has someone who celebrates his/her name today! If you decide to go out with friends, take a jacket with you because it looks like it's going to rain.


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