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camel coat


She took something useless under the ground and brought it to the surface, into the light, where it meant something. It was creation. Her entire life.

Deep tone of beige

Dare I say that a camel coat is a timeless wardrobe essential? Exuding sophistication, the camel coat brings a lot of pizzazz even to a...

The Glass Castle

Jeannette Walls and her three siblings grew up in what you would call a bohemian/nomad kind of way. Their parents, Rex and Rose Mary Walls...

Camel trophy

Μόλις γύρισα από οδοντίατρο... είχα καιρό να πάω για καθαρισμό (shame on me!!!) και μου βγήκε σε ξινό... την επόμενη φορά υπόσχομαι να είμαι πιο συνεπής!!!
I just came back from the dentist... I haven't been punctual with my visits (shame on me...) and I have to say it was not a delightful visit... I promise never to do this again, my dear teeth!!!


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